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*Kong Fan Temple

 Kong Fan Temple is located in Maifeng Village, Mailiao Township. It has been more than 300 years since the Temple was established in the 24th year of Kangxi Reign (1685). There are many artifacts and historical items in the Temple. The Temple is grandiose, decorated with sculptures and paintings, and quite quaint; the 100-year-old plaque from the Douguang Rein further highlights its solemnity..

*Qiaotou Tai An Temple

 Grand Mentor Xiao is worshipped in this Temple. According to the legend, when ancestor Hao Xu acted as the District Executive under Japanese Rule, he picked up a fragrant piece of wood on the beach one day, out of which he carved a statue of Grand Mentor Xiao. The number of believers in Grand Mentor Xiao increases as He answers their prayers, whereby the Temple has become the religious center of the village.


 The windbreak fends off the Occasional Monsoons for Mailiao while enriching the ecosystem.

*Zhuoshui River and the Wetlands

 Greening projects have been completed following the construction of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant. Coastal habitats for birds have been improved. In the winter, flocks of migrating birds are attracted to the fish farms on the Wetlands for food. When farmed fish are harvested, hundreds and thousands of whiskered terns come for food.

*Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant of Formosa Plastics Corporation

 Constructed via sea reclamation, the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant of Formosa Plastics Corporation has become the best-known tourist attraction in Mailiao. The five giant paintings hung on the outer wall of the grandiose European style building tell the history of Taiwan’s industrial development. They help visitors gain an understanding of how Taiwanese ancestors overcame hardships with their diligent and down-to-earth attitudes, and gradually accumulated wealth and happiness. Four wind turbine generators imported from Denmark are installed along Zhuoshui River Estuary; they have been used by the Government to promote green energy.

*Beach and Sunset

 Soft fine sand appears at low tide in Zhuoshui River; it is very comfortable to walk on it. Hard clams, mussels, and mud shrimps are also readily available. The sun slowly sinks down over the Taiwan Strait at sunset, and the scenery is magnificent.

*Guangdaliao Ju Bao Temple

 It has been more than 300 years since the establishment of Guangdaliao Ju Bao Temple. After being reconstructed a few times, it is now towering, grandiose, luxurious, and splendid.

*Houan Fu Xing Temple

 Fu Xing Temple started as a hut in the Qing dynasty; Great King Lee is worshipped here. The construction of the Temple was completed in 1987; previously it was reconstructed three times. The engraved artworks and wall paintings of the Temple are magnificent. Taiwanese artisans’ dexterity and wisdom are reflected in the traditional temple architecture.

*Zhuoshui River Estuary

 With floating woods, Zhuoshui River Estuary is also a good place for bird appreciation. Come to visit the Estuary between September and April of the following year, and you won’t regret it.

*Ama Park

 Ama Park was established by Yung-Ching Wang to commemorate his late mother. It has become a new popular place for recreational activities.

*Mailiao Park

 Mailiao Park has a beautiful view and wide open spaces. It has mountain trail, a Senior Activity Center, and various Children’s amusement facilities. The solar observatory in the Park allows visitors to enjoy an aerial view of the whole Maifeng Village.

*Night view of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant

 Photographers list Ama Park, Mailiao Factory Area, Wengang Bridge, and Huashan as the best places for photo shoots. Visitors travel a long way to appreciate the beautiful coastal scenery here. Gukeng coffee tastes even better when you see the night view of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant from Huashan.

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